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Authentic Oriental Taste
We at "Zaitoune" pay attention to all the details of the original authentic taste of oriental sweets. Our team is always striving to achieve the best taste with fresh and high quality ingredients.
With Love & Passion
With passion and love for the making of luxurious oriental sweets, the “Zaitoune” brand was established in Istanbul to be the first brand in the making of authentic Arabic sweets among all its pioneers inside and outside the Turkish Republic, and with an equipped factory and five branches, we produce luxurious varieties with fresh and high-quality raw materials such as the authentic Arabic ghee and luxurious nuts, such as pistachio, cashew and pine.
zaitoune store
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Zaitoune offers more than 30 types of sweets with various ingredients to meet the aspirations of our customers inside and outside Turkey. We have also been pioneers of oriental sweets in the United States of America and Canada, thus fulfilling the aspirations of authentic Arab taste all around the world.
Wael Zaitoune